growing tomatoes


Whys and hows of tomato pruning

Beckie Fox

If you’re growing tomatoes for the first time, especially some of the delicious heritage varieties, check out “Pruning tomatoes” and "How to prune tomatoes" for tips on how to manage the vigorous vines and still have a bountiful harvest.

'Brandywine' tomatoes, the variety being grafted onto hardier rootstock. Photo from Stokes Seeds.

Grafted tomatoes promise hardier plants

Kat Fox

Grafted tomato plants will be available to home gardeners, who can then grow tomatoes with the vigour of specific rootstock and the taste of specific fruit.

Dwarf tomato seeds

Judith Adam

Judith Adam is picky about the tomatoes she grows. In the hundreds of tomatoes in seed catalogues, it’s not easy to find dwarf tomato seeds.