pollen bee nest

6 tips for pollen bee nests in your garden

Garden Making

Many gardeners are installing pollen bee nests to encourage pollination. 6 tips for pollen bee nests.

Fennel features ornamental flowers. (Photos by Carol Pope)

How to enjoy edible seeds from your garden

Carol Pope

In winter, enjoy tasty, healthy, organic edible seeds from three prolific plants — bronze fennel, cilantro and lovage. Carol Pope explains how.

A happy bee on a Japanese anemone.

Urban beehives make tasty honey

Kat Fox

Healthy bee colonies are important. Here's what can we do to help make bees happy. Info about the role of urban bee colonies? She where honey come from.

Damselfly in Toronto backyard garden. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Pollinator report: Dragonflies, damselflies and bees

Judith Adam

This year my backyard has visits from species I’ve not seen before in this garden, such as jewelwings, broad-winged damselflies, dragonflies. But few bees.

Seeking enthusiastic pollinators

Judith Adam

When the flowers come out, clouds of pollinators descend — bees of several kinds, small and large wasps, various flies and even some butterflies.