Growing from seed

An easy test helps determine seed viability.

How to test for seed viability

Judith Adam

Seeds seem suspended in time, but they contain living tissues, and have a finite number of years to remain viable. Here's how to test for seed viability.

‘Italian Cameo’ basil

Judith Adam

Judith Adam is trying dwarf basil, a natural complement to tomatoes and also ornamental on the deck. She selected ‘Italian Cameo’ basil.

Alpine strawberry. Photo from

Growing alpine strawberries

Judith Adam

Sweet alpine strawberries are small intensely flavoured little berries also known as fraises des bois. The attractive perennial plants make good groundcover.

Scented plants for shade grown from seed

Judith Adam

For some shady corners, Judith Adam uses long-blooming scented plants grown from seed. Some of these plants are almost forgotten and not so easy to find.

Dwarf tomato seeds

Judith Adam

Judith Adam is picky about the tomatoes she grows. In the hundreds of tomatoes in seed catalogues, it’s not easy to find dwarf tomato seeds.