June in the Garden

Carol Pope's compact but bountiful kitchen container garden. (All photos by Carol Pope)

9 fabulous edibles for kitchen garden

Carol Pope

From the cluster of terracotta pots in her container kitchen garden, Carol Pope picks herbs, strawberries, blueberries, currants, and even figs and apples.


Rose care in moist conditions

Judith Adam

Constantly moist soil is wonderful for root growth (just so long as there is adequate drainage). Here are tips for rose care in moist conditions.

Lupines like acidic soil and lots of drainage, so heavy clay soil just won’t do. These lupines are happily growing in hard-packed gravel.

How to grow lupines

Kat Fox

How to grow lupines. These plants are tall, colourful perennials.

Japanese tree peony (Garden Making photo)

How to prune Japanese tree peonies

Judith Adam

Pruning is a good way to rejuvenate tree peonies. It’s better to prune tree peonies in early spring, when their pink buds are prominent, but not yet open.

Nicotiana alata (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Favourite nicotiana species

Judith Adam

The familiar nicotiana species we grow as summer annuals are closely related, bearing similar star-shaped flowers and slightly sticky foliage.

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